About Us

About Us

Brand History

LANDMARK is a Brand, which specializes in lighting solutions. Landmark business establishment was in 1966, at that time Landmark was in various fields of business, Finally Landmark diversified in wholesale retail and sales since 1992, so from 1992 we deals in other electronic appliances and all kinds of electronic goods and accessories used in HOME décor and daily utilities like Fans, Coolers, Geysers, Air Purifiers, Air Conditioning, Room Heaters, Kitchen Chimneys, Hob, Cooking Range, Wires and Cables, Switches and other electrical accessories. We do not have any production lines we are traders of Lighting and Electrical solutions as a role of strategic partner for your Home Decor to help our clients in developing and understanding their home Decor needs with all kind of lighting and electrical equipments. The products mainly sold are fancy lights and all other lighting solutions for HOME DECOR and UTILITIES.

LANDMARK has sold lighting products for several years. We are extremely good at observing the market trends in order to obtain the business opportunities. LANDMARK protects the business relations with their customers. It is also the way to protect the benefit of clients. One of our most classic products of LED situational lights was the hot selling and very demanding product of our customers. These relevant products have been sold more than 600,000 pieces to our esteemed customers; it brought a wave of LED situational lighting.

LANDMARK has accumulated a wealth of experience in selling Fancy Lights and All other Lighting Solutions. Therefore, it is capable of concatenating the various relevant lamps and fancy chandeliers quickly. Meanwhile, for the sake of doing long service in markets of Meerut and Western U.P, We are familiar with safety regulations in lighting in these regions. Thus, we can grasp the latest developments in these regions. We are able to give customers the most complete and professional products in lighting solutions as per their valuable tastes and choice.

Core Values

As LANDMARK takes humanistic spirit seriously, so LANDMARK reconsidered what was the eternally popular design in lighting, and that was the traditional lighting. There are many articles that have their own unbeaten and endurable styles even after evolution. Lighting is no exception, so in recent years, LANDMARK has devoted its effort to develop traditional lighting, and integrated its strengths of designing LED lighting. So that, the traditional lighting has not only a timeless classic appearance but also the function of saving power with environmentally friendly LED lighting source. It just goes back the nature of lighting. The situation of entertainment and fun are just for temporary. Making people feel reliable and secure is truthfully long-time companionship.

Furthermore, “Emphasizing Credit, Quality First" is the company's biggest asset. LANDMARK is no exception. That is why LANDMARK has so many long-term customers. In order to improve the customer’s trust and let brand impression of LANDMARK embed in customers, LANDMARK started the brand reformation from 2000, trying to give customers a new look but with the same entrepreneurial spirit!

Finally, Landmark had more than twenty years of experience in lighting development and trading professions. Our good credit and efficiency of corporate personality has already accumulated a lot of long-term customers. Therefore, we are able to connect with different materials manufacturers and channels efficiently. In recent years, LANDMARK plays a role of strategic partner to help hoteliers and other customers to make different customized lighting for the market segmentation. We create benefits for customers and develop several new products to provide customers with multiple choices every year.

We Create the Name of LANDMARK. LANDMARK is focused on innovative, fashionable and passion lighting.


We deal in all kinds of lighting solutions. Our lighting product range covers ambient or general lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, fancy lighting, fancy LED lighting to general LED lighting and bulbs. We have all kinds of lighting solutions for your home to office. Whether it’s a Fancy wall light, fancy ceiling lights, Chandeliers, Focus lights, Gate lamps, various kinds of LED lights and bulbs, Side Lamps, Table Lamps, Standing Lamps, LED situational lights and etc. You name any lighting brand we do have it for you. We deals in Syska, Philips, Jquar and other other lighting brands.
We deals in all kinds of geysers whether its storage geyser or instant geyser to gas geysers. We have collection of all kinds of brands like Havells, AO Smith and other btands.
We deals in various kinds of ceiling fans whether it’s a general ceiling fan, fancy ceiling fan or Premium ceiling fan. We have brands like Luminous, Crompton, Atomberg, Ottomate, USHA , Luminous and all other brands available or you are looking for.
We deal in coolers like desert coolers and all other categories of coolers used in homes. We have almost all kinds of brands in coolers which are available now a day like Havells.
We deal Invertors, RO, Air Purifiers, Vegetable cleaners, Personal care products, Kitchen chimney, Chullha, Dish Washers, Stabilizers, Batteries, Water Dispensers. We deals in brands like: Kent, Faber, AO Smith, Livguard, Luminous, USHA, Havels.
We deals in all varieties and brands of wires and cables like Havells and all other brands available in market. You name it we have it. So if you are in search of best quality wires and cables please do make a visit with us.
We deal in all kinds of switches and all brands of switches available in Market. You name it we have it. We are having all kinds of general switches to modular switches and premium switches. We deal in Havells and other brands of switches available in market.
We deal in all kinds of switch gear you are looking for your home décor to office. You need it and we have it. We also have all brands of switch gears.

We deal in all kinds of electrical accessories which you are looking for your home décor to office. You need it and we have it. We also have all brands of switch gears available in market now days.

Water fountains increases the beauty of your home. It brings a new look to your home whether it’s your living room or bed room. A water fountain also adds positivity to your home and home décor. It gives a positive feeling and vibes, so do make a visit at our store if you are looking for various kinds of fancy water fountains.

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